About Dalare Associates

A Tradition of Scientific Excellence

Dalare Associates has been serving clients with personal attention for more than ninety-five years. Originally conceived as a quality control lab for the dairy industry, our name stands for dairy laboratory research.

As the world and technology have changed, we changed too, becoming one of the first EPA-certified labs in the region in 1977. Today we have grown into a high tech analytical, environmental, microbiological and equine drug testing laboratory with over 100 years of cumulative experience on our staff. And we are now ISO 17025 Accredited. What hasn’t changed is our commitment to personalized service for you and your business.

Our Values & Imperatives

Our values represent an assurance of quality, professionalism, and reliability with every project we undertake. The foundation of our corporation and the standards against which we constantly judge ourselves and our work are:

To continually train ourselves in and utilize the latest scientific methods.

To know our customers, the status of their projects and their names when they call.

To measure success through customer satisfaction.

To hold the affairs of clients in the strictest of confidence.

To address only those assignments we can perform with complete confidence.